Saturday, March 31, 2007

never again.

today i met up with my friend hal to take some photos. we met at a place known as "top of the world" which is basically a road on top of a mountain. the road there wasn't too bad -- very windy and desserted, but nothing treacherous. there were a few "rough road ahead" signs that could be taken with a grain of salt. i took some kewl polaroids that i will post within the next few days. the plan was to hike around for a bit and then go pick up hal's girlfriend from her job interview for the Getty. everything was going good... we trespassed (if you wanna get technical), took some good photos, we could see the smoke from the hollywood hills fire. (my beloved sign was unharmed, thankfully). hal was using his NEW 5D so let me use his Rebel. we saw some AMAZING views and awesome houses. one dark-colored gothic-ish house in particular that my dad would have loved to live in. i pet a white horse and fed it grass and i saw thee largest prickly pear cactuses ever (i hate the word cacti).

there was even this girl who was driving ahead of us, stopping at the same spots we were to admire the view. she drove off then drove back to where we were just to tell us there was a better spot up the road with a nicer view and better parking. i was impressed. that was really thoughtful.

so i made friends with the white horse and then i followed hal down the mountain. (here comes the NEVER AGAIN PART...) the road back down was THEE MOST WINDIEST ROAD I HAVE EVERRR BEEN ON. if you look at the road on google map, you wouldn't believe it. hairpin turns, falling rock, landslide warning signs everywhere, one lane road, alllll downhill. i felt like i was downhill skiing... in a car!! i couldn't tell whether it was my car that smelt like burning or hal's (i think it was hal's) but by the time we finally reached the bottom, my brakes BARELY wanted to stop my car. and i was driving in low gear!! so i freaked out and pulled over to the side of the road and bailed out of the rest of our photo adventure. never again will i let hal take me down a mountain or a "short cut" or both. i felt bad for cutting our adventure short, but after that incident, i didn't want to drive any further away from the apartment.

soooo... next time, i am driving to hal's neck of the woods (read: relatively flat land) and we will embark on another, longer photo adventure. perhaps even rick will want to come along. :)

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