Tuesday, March 6, 2007

my mom is visiting!!

my mom is visiting me!! :) here are some of the things we've done so far:

saturday: my mom and roxie arrived!! we sat in traffic. i took some photos of the kewl apartment complex/metro station in los feliz. (polaroids to come). we ate at the delightfully retro fred 62. rick went home to visit his brother (who was home for the weekend). i showed my mom around town and she somehow managed to score not ONE... but TWO free coffees at starbucks. she says they gave it to her because she had to wait for them to make a new pot of the coffee she wanted... i say the guys working there liked her. we got some groceries and after dinner we played scrabble and made some plans for the week.

sunday: i planned on taking my mom to Big Sky Ranch in Simi Valley where they filmed A LOT of shows including Little House on the Prairie and Bonanza (my mom looves michael landon), but unfortunately it doesn't exsist anymore. the ranch endured an earthquake and a fire, but was no match to a housing development in 2005. the part that sucks is... who the hell wants to live in simi valley?!! nobody is going to buy these homes. simi valley is contaminated. so my mother and i went food shopping/food sampling food at costco instead. they always have good samples on the weekends... this visit included tortilla soup, homemade smoothies, clam chowder and chicken salad!! all supermarkets should be so generous, hehe. then my mom and i went hiking and i took some photos. my dog is LOVIN all the walks!! tim and aldrin stopped by during dinner time. my mom made some jalapeno poppers for them to eat while they played video games.

monday: my mom and i went to the verizon store because our cell phones are WAAAY overdue for upgrades. we didn't wind up getting new phones because we are still debating between two models. we went searching for a few antique stores, but wound up getting jamba juice and eating a quick lunch instead. then we relaxed by the pool. we took some really kewl polaroids. my mom, rick and i played scrabble. i won. naturally. : P

tuesday: my mom and i got up early and drove to santa barbara. we wandered in and out shops on state street. my mom bought two pairs of funky sneakers. i took some photos and tried on a really kewl sequin dress in a costume shop. we drove to the harbor and went kayaking in the ocean. we saw seals!! they were just chillin, sunning themselves on a buoy. we also saw A LOT of giant starfish, clinging onto the pier. we held one. i thought starfish were more compliable, but these suckers were stiff. we stopped at a little, hidden beach on our way home but by then the sun was going down and it was getting a little chilly outside. when we got back to the apartment, rick drove us to the library. we got a bunch of movies, including sybil (always wanted to see that), saved (because rick never saw it) and the original ocean's eleven. after dinner, we played scrabble and my mother won. after all the point deductions, rick wound up in second place... yes, that's right... for the first time EVER rick beat me in scrabble.

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