Wednesday, March 14, 2007


i'm cutting aldrin's hair this week!! :) (finally!!) so i was browsing for some ideas and i got sidetracked (big surprise huh) and started looking at girls' hairstyles. i found one i really like... but i highly doubt my hair would behave if it were that short. but it's really tempting, oh so tempting. for some reason, whenever my hair reaches the length it is now, i feel compelled to chop it all off.

sidebar/jena factoid: my hair has been: blonde, brown, orange, black, dark red, multi-colored, chunked, layered, highlighted, permed, short short (in 2nd grade) and loooong (past my butt!!). i thought i liked it best when it was blonde, but i'm currently satisfied with the dark color it is now because once you start dying your hair lighter, you're sucked into dying it allll the time.

so today i was supposed to meet with the ebay lady and she pushed the time back from 11:30 to 3:45. i am soooo glad i checked my email BEFORE i left the apartment... that would have sucked. i wish i knew ahead of time so i didn't get up so early today because now i feel and look like a zombie. ah well.

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