Thursday, March 8, 2007

i didn't get my picture taken with chris rock!!

today my mom and i lounged by the pool/went swimming. we had tickets to see the late late show with craig ferguson. the guest was andy garcia!! we got there on time but had to park in the parking garage at the grove because the security guy told us the CBS lot was full (or so we thought). so we stood in line, got numbers on our hands and were told to sit on a bench. the taping of the price of right must have just ended because we saw dozens of audience members/contestants. about 80% of the price is right crew bought something in the gift store after the show and ALL OF THEM looked like they had just visited disney world for the first time... i never saw a happier bunch of people, hehe. so we're finally about to be called into the show... there were about 30 of us still waiting and one of the five intern girls comes out and tells us they've reached capacity. we were pretty pissed because their audience wrangling method SUCKS. people were RANDOMLY assigned bench numbers (1, 2, 3 or 5). we were 2's. the girl called bench 1, bench 3, THEN 2... they didn't get to bench 5 at all. some of the people left over were among the first thirty people there!! (REALLY sucked to be them!!) it was ridiculous. they KNOW there's only 150 seats, yet they let more people in. they didn't bother to number us according to the order we arrived. we even had to sit through two lame prep guys trying to pump us up for the audience. the part that really sucks is that we originally sat on bench 1, but then moved to bench 2 after we realized that we were on the "wrong" bench. (not like anyone checked). it was all just a bunch of BS. we were given a number to call that guarantees us "VIP" seats to another taping. "VIP" only meaning they will let us like they were supposed to the first time. sooo my mom and i headed back to the grove and went into a few shops there. i bought a big, clunky heart necklace and redeemed my free pair of chones at victoria's secret. we saw CHRIS ROCK just standing by the door in barnes and nobles. i wouldn't have even noticed him if two guys didn't go up to him and ask to have their pictures taken with him. my mom and i weren't even sure if it was him at first... he looks REALLY skinny and YOUNG (until you approach him, then you can see his gray whiskers). he wasn't nice or approachable, he just was standing there like he didn't want to be there. i think he was just [begrudgingly] out in public to spark attention to his new movie. my mom and debated whether we should ask for a photo because we aren't really fans of his, but it seemed like the thing to do. afterall, you don't see chris rock just standing in every bookstore. having just exited the craig ferguson fiasco, i didn't have a camera on me (shocking, i know... but they weren't allowed in the studio that we didn't even get to go in) so my mom takes the photo of me and chris rock with her camera phone. at the moment she is taking the photo: rick calls and, mom hangs up on him AND the phone battery is dying. my mom takes the photo and says... "i don't even want to admit what just happened." the photo couldn't be saved because her photo capacity was at 100%. story of the day. it soooo figures!! hahaha!! i blame everything on my blue eyeliner... last time i wore it rick, tim, aldo and i weren't able to see incubus on jimmy kimmel. ugh. so i took some polaroids on hollywood and highland and we called it a day. we got back to the apartment(after sitting in some traffic) then rick, my mom and i enjoyed a nice dinner at the cheesecake factory. at least that went well.

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