Friday, March 16, 2007

busy. busy.

yesterday i worked for dave. he rented out a studio in hollywood and held a casting call. i wound up an hour early because i didn't expect traffic to be so light. there was a good turnout: one hundred twenty-five actors/models showed up... almost at once. we were there from 9 to 5 but the majority showed up around 3. and of course there were about a dozen girls who showed up and said they had to be at work/another audition in twenty minutes and expected to be able to jump in line. i only allowed two or three to cut ahead because it really wasn't fair for all of the other people who had been waiting.

overall, it was an easy day. i love working for dave because he's so down-to-earth. at one point a model was asking dave which comp card or headshot he wanted and dave said something along the lines of "it doesn't matter, i know they're all retouched and like four years old anyway." hahaha, i couldn't believe he said that but i was so glad he did because it's true!! and although dave's blunt, he's a lot of fun and likes to talk, so the models instantly warm up to him. a lot of models were relieved once they saw dave shooting the people ahead of them. he had something positive and nice to say to everyone, even the people he knew he'd never hire.

i got lunch on melrose and the warm city of los angeles welcomed me by issuing me a parking voilation. that's right, my first parking ticket. :( i was too damn worried about the hours on the NO PARKING signs and almost getting sideswiped by a truck to notice that there were meters. (PLUS i'm from jersey... we don't pay to park!!) but i should have figured there's no such thing as free parking in LA. luckily for me, dave is such a nice guy he let me keep the $30 that was left over from lunch to pay for the ticket.

of the one hundred twenty-five people dave shot, he's going to choose fifteen to shoot for his stock images. up until the shoot, i'll be helping with office work and once it's time for the shoot, i'll be his second assistant. AND Spike TV wants dave to do eight photoshoots a year now, so he's going to let me do all the preliminary work like contacting agencies and models and booking locations for those shoots!! so i'm really excited to be getting involved with the entire process.

rick and aldrin were waiting for me at the apartment. when i got there, we ran to costco, got some grub and then i cut aldrin's hair!! it's short!! and it came out pretty good. i just have to even out the sides with a pair of clippers. here are some photos of the drastic transformation:



soooo then i checked my email and noticed i had an email from john hildebrand's representative asking if i would be interested in helping out with a shoot tomorrow. and so i did. i think i got john confused with another photographer because i expected him to be older, light-haired, married with children. to my surprise, he was like the bam margera of the photo world: he's young, has a rocker-ish style, a pseudo mohawk and LONG doe-like eyelashes. his friends are either starting their own clothing line or production/party company and most of his shots include girls in bikinis.

anyways, the shoot is part of an ongoing project for a swimsuit calendar to raise money for Surfrider, a nonprofit organization that protects our coasts, and might possibly raise money for Heal the Bay. in other words, nobody got paid-- the shoot was strictly volunteer. there was also another assistant, a Brook's student who graduates in September with a degree in "oh-shit-i-shouldn't-have-went-to-Brooks." john went to Brooks as well, he graduated in 2001. the impression that i get from Brooks is that you don't need to go to Brooks and here is why i hold such contempt for Brooks...

"I would like more information about the class action lawsuit against Brooks. My husband graduated from there over a year ago and has yet to work! We are facing over $100,000 in student loans and all he has to show for it so far is a $2,500 large format camera (that he obviously does not use!) We were told upon his entry that they had a 97% placement rate with a starting salary around $75,000. BIG LIE!!! He even attends their "job fairs" which promote placement into jobs such as...starbucks - no joke! $100,000 in student loans and they want him to work at starbucks!"

and there's more complaints where that came from!! the red-flag for me occured while i was attending college. i called Brooks to request more information and they called me within an hour. what school is THAT desperate for recruits?! perhaps i shouldn't talk too much trash about Brooks but look at where Brooks is sending its students... to work for Brooks graduates FOR FREE without giving the students any sort of course credit. hmmm. seems to me that Brooks is just fueling the unethical practice of established photographers getting away with "hiring" assistants as "interns" to work for free or next to nothing.

but anyway, the shoot was extremely laid-back. it consisted of two models, a make-up artist, john, his two friends, me and the other assistant. the location was AWESOME. it was on some guy's beachfront property in malibu. the layout was insane though... we had to carry equipment down (and back up) 107 steps... and through narrow pathways. (and of course the other assistant grabbed the lightest items). there was a sand pit, a sauna, a little shack to get changed in, a small blue-tiled bathroom and a surfboard bar... all right near the beach. definitely an ideal party location. i found it funny that, although we were together for four hours, none of the crew made it a point to learn each other's names. all of the guys just refered to me as "sweetie" or "sweetheart" because they had no idea.

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