Wednesday, February 21, 2007

WORLD'S GREATEST MOM. (that's my mom!!)

around noon, i received an unexpected visitor. there i was, sitting on the couch with my lap top, still in my pajamas and i had thee most hideous bed-head. it was an older man wearing an orange polo. being the semi-cautious person that i am, i didn't open the door. however, the persistent knocking made me a bit curious.

i studied the stranger through the keyhole and noticed he was wearing a name badge. upon closer inspection, i noticed he was holding a balloon. i figured my mom got a balloon delivered to me and that the man worked for my apartment complex, so i opened the door. there stood the man, holding five grocery bags. i was a bit baffled. i don't even remember what he said, i just remember him asking me where i wanted the groceries. i just took them from him, laughing, finally understanding the situation.

he worked for Albertson's. the groceries were from my mom; she ordered them online and had them delivered to my apartment. (yes, my mom is the best mom ever!!) the bags contained the following items: two mangoes, a carton of strawberries, grapes, two containers of blueberries, mushrooms, carrots, 2 lbs of boneless chicken breast, broccoli, two cans of olives, a pack of dial soap and a heart-shaped 'i love you' balloon.

(soap not pictured. and as you can tell, i started eating the strawberries before i took the photo, hehe).

what a pleasant surprise!! THANKS MOM!! <3


Richard said...

That is such a cool idea. I think I'm gonna go order some groceries for my siblings :)

Missy said...

that is sooo sweeeet hehehe! and so unique to, i didn't know you could do that. i could almost get teary eyed, hehe :p

jena ardell said...

richard: you should definitely surprise your siblings this way!! because everyobody enjoys food... especially when it's delivered right to your door!! hehe.

missy: i didn't know you could do that either!! my mum's so thoughtful... it was a nice surpise. :D