Thursday, February 22, 2007


you have job that is approx. 30 miles away. you have to be there at 9 am. your job is in beverly hills. to be at work on time, you must leave at: a) 6:45am b) 7:00am c) 7:30am d) 8:00am e) 8:15am
(answer below)

finally, found work that doesn't feel like "work." yesterday i worked as 2nd production assistant to photographer dave nagel and i had a blast!! the shoot was for a spike tv amateur modeling contest. i got to help set up lights, setup/breakdown equipment, take production stills, and be the model stand-in when the guys were testing the lighting. the crew was awesome, a lot of kewl people: dave (of course), tom (1st assistant/lighting tech), hal (digi tech), lisa (stylist) and i can't think of the makeup artist's name (doh!) but she was really nice too!! there is another shoot for spike tv tomorrow at dave's house with two different models where i will be doing the same things. i really hope dave could use me as a full-time assistant because he's a great guy and so fun to work for/with. there's also a possibility i could land a few jobs with tom if he ever needed an assistant. he was really helpful and easy to get along with... so hopefully he could use me. and now i met another potential photo buddy (hal) who is always down for impromptu amateur photo shoots. :) so glad dave gave me a chance!!

answer for pop quiz: a. 6:45 am... that's what time i have to leave my apartment tomorrow to be at dave's house!! california traffic blows... but i have some good tunes and tomorrow will be fun so it don't matta!!!!


Missy said...

holy cow, so this is the job you were telling me about huh?! sounds fuckin' fantastic hehe :) im happy for ya and i hope this job sticks! and i gotsta hear more! :)

jena ardell said...

for sure!! for sure!! thanks monchichi. we'll exchange juicy details lata. and thanks for all the comments. :D