Monday, February 26, 2007


friday: i worked PA for dave nagel again. i made it to work just on time!! in fact, i was the first one there (pretty impressive). the shoots went really well; i had a lot of fun. the second model of the day gets my vote. she was personable, bubbly, and actually talked to the crew. plus she was enthusiastic, unlike the first girl on friday who was stiff and trying way too hard. i met dave's wife who was really nice (and stylish) and hooked us up with an awesome playlist that made the perfect soundtrack for the day. we borrowed some chairs from the patio around frank coraci's pool (he's the guy who directs all of adam sandler's movies). i put together some lighting equipment, got picked on by tom, moved a lot of furniture, got lunch in hal's car, almost got in a fight with a woman in a CROWDED parking lot, missed a turn on my way back and had to call rick to mapquest the route for me... hehe. i also took a BUNCH of polaroids around dave's house. i will be uploading them soon, probably tomorrow. :)

saturday: went to rick's parent's house (they currently aren't in town). did FIVE loads of laundry. rick washed his car and his dog magoo. i took some photos and made this awesome photo collage (inspired by david hockney). we ate at chilli's and then i fell asleep while we were watching das boot, a german movie about life aboard a U-boat during WWII. then rick and i met up with his friend cheryl in chinatown to see their friend sal play in his band invid. the set up was a bit odd... the "stage" was the bed of a semi-trailer in the middle of an alley next to a jazz club. there was also another "stage" set up like that with bands playing at different times. we went into this little bar named "mountain" whose walls are painted drippy red... it looks like blood. we thought sal's band was going on at 11:00, but they didn't play until 11:45-midnight. they sounded pretty good and the singer was really entertaining. it quite the scene. i felt like such a wuss thinking it was cold outside...

sunday: lounged around all day... hung up clothes. rick did the dishes (we had a lot of them!!) i ate A LOT. all day long. i played scrabble online with my mom and lost... but only because the website hates me and wouldn't let me put my last letters down!! i dropped some film off at costco from my colorsplash camera. (i get the prints back tomorrow). rick and i went foodshopping and bought a lot of canned goods. i got a package from my grandmother... she sent me some silverware, pretzel crisps (Mmm!), and a big book about gnomes!! rick and i watched green street hooligans (pretty good movie, except for the ending. think "the beach" but set in the uk and with elijah wood). we also watched the departed (amazing movie, pretty vulgar. AND it won 4 oscars tonight: best adapted screenplay, best director, best picture and best film editing... SHESH!!)


Missy said...

me luvs ur reviews! ooooh, tell me more about the fight you almost got into, that sounds spicy!

Missy said...

p.s I LOVED THE DEPARTED!! im not a leo fan per say but whew! he turned me on thru the whole movie, hehe. roger kept making faces at me :p and i liked green st. hooligans but i hated when that guy died! and when leo died :(

Missy said...

i mean i REALLY hated when leo died cuz i was hoping for a part 2 full of more sexyness.

jena ardell said...

well missy, you totally just ruined the ending for some people : P nah, jk. even if you know what happens in the departed, it's such a good movie that you should see it again. and yes, leo is pretty saucy in it but my favorite is mark wahlberg. did you see "i heart huckabees"??? you should soley for mark wahlberg's performance... and jason schwartzman is good too, but marky mark steals the show.

ok, so about the parking lot fight... i went to this tiny strip mall with a tiny parking lot and apparently it is ALWAYS PACKED. people just drive and drive around in circles, waiting for someone to leave. it's ridiculous. well i drove around and around and i was getting really impatient and i noticed that someone parked kind of on an angle behind some cars (not in a parking spot) but i thought i could get away with parking next to that person... especially since i was only running into this little deli to pick up lunch.

well, this lady in an SUV was sitting in her car watching me and was like... "you really shouldn't park there." i was like... "uh, there's no where else..." and she's like, "well it's not fair for the people whose cars you're parked behind. if three people want to get out, they can't." (which is kind of an exaggeration). i was like "chances are those three people aren't going to be leaving before i am... i'm just picking something up." and the lady keeps talking shit and i was like... "so wait a minute, it's ok that you're blocking that entire lane arguing with me just because you're in your car?!!" and she was like "yeah, because i'm in my car." at this point i was really pissed and questioning why i even stuck around to argue with her instead of just running in to get my order but i figured that since this lady had nothing better to do, she'd probably report me and my car would get towed or something(plus i wasn't even driving MY car).

so this other lady sees me arguing and pulls up to me and she's like... "you know if you're just picking something up, you can park in the fire lane. they let you do that here, you won't get a ticket." and so that's what i did. that bitchy lady mentioned parking there while we were arguing but i didn't believe her because the curb was red and it said NO PARKING, plus she was just rude.
: P