Monday, February 12, 2007

i want my 118 minutes back...

i don't ALWAYS talk about movies, i swear, but rick and i watched "the crime of padre amaro" ...highly overrated. such a let-down. (SPOILER ALERT!!) i can summarize the movie for you in three sentences and it will save you the 118 minutes of watching it: padre amaro (bernal) is a priest who impregnates a young girl. he takes her to get an abortion. she dies. -the end.-

i'm really disappointed because i've heard this was a good movie, but then i realized something... only TWO of my top ten favorite movies were recommended to me. the rest are all movies i have either stumbled upon or actively scoped out. of the ten, i've only had the pleasure of seeing ONE in theatres... and that was amelie. :)

here are my top ten favorite movies (and some commentary).

1. amelie - i dragged my ex-boyfriend to see this in theatres. i think we were the only people in the theatre, and my ex slept through it because of the subtitles. i love the cinematography, the digital cross process of colors, the montage of scenes in the beginning of the film, the scene of her discovery, the photobooth, the gnome, amelie's bedroom, everything!!!!!! audrey tatou plays the role PERFECTLY. this movie made me a huge fan of hers. don't deprive yourself of seeing this movie.

2. sunset blvd. - i WISH i had the opportunity to see this movie when it was playing at a two-dollar theatre near my boyfriend's house, but i wasn't in claifornia at the time. gloria swanson does an AMAZING job here. it's been called one of the best screenplays ever written. it contains some of the most quoted lines. it's a CLASSIC hollywood tale of the darkside of hollywood. i can't praise it enough!!!!

3. hable con ella - my FAVORITE almodovar movie. almodovar is the master of creating characters and relationships. all his characters multifaceted and complex. i love how the film is broken into chapters. i love watching the relationships between the characters develop, grow, crumble, rebuild. there's a beautiful scene of caetano veloso singing "cucurrucucĂș paloma." and the opening and ending dance scenes are breathtaking!!!!

4. jeux des enfants - my friend cali cory was raving about this movie so i had to check it out. since the video stores by my house only carry the basic foreign films, i was forced to buy it off of amazon. boy was i glad i did!! i've made a handful of people watch this movie now, and no one has EVER said anything but positive things about this movie. it takes you for a ride. you will NOT be able to predict a single moment and that's why i love it :)

5. shopgirl - i rented it because i adore steve martin and it is based on a novella he wrote. claire danes and jason schwartzman really play their characters well. (you will fall in love with schwartzman's character). peter suschitzky (the director of photography) does an AMAZING job capturing so many great images that leave me saying, "THAT would be a kewl picture!! THAT would be a kewl picture!!" and the story itself is brilliant introspective tale about relatioships.

6. what about bob? - my FAVORITE comedy. i rented this movie from shoprite when i was in elementary school because i liked bill murray. (i used to watch ghost busters religiously). every scene is hilarious. my best friend andrea and i quote the movie like it's our job. we even played the movie in the limo on the way to junior prom until our dates vetoed it. haha!! it's bill murray best comedy (in my opinion) and it's highly underrated.

7. a la folie pas du tout - another audrey tatou film. a GREAT contrast to tatou's character/role in amelie. i love this movie and how it was put together. if this were an american movie, it would not be as good. american movies are waaaay too predictable and this movie is anything BUT!! i rented this, watched it, made my mother watch it with me and then watched it again before i returned it. my mother isn't a fan of foreign movies/subtitles and SHE even recommends this movie to friends. watch it and you will love it BUT don't read about it before you watch it!!!!! the english title is "he loves me, he loves me not."

8. ghost world -found this movie in a rental place and got it because i like thora birch. it was the first time i saw scarlett johansson and it made me a HUGE fan. (however, the more and more i see interviews with johansson, the less i like her). this movie is original. it's based (nearly verbatim) on a daniel clowes comic book/graphic novel of the same name. i once made an entire room full of people watch this my freshman year of college and i could FEEL that they weren't into it or weren't getting it... and then they made me take it out. it's dark humor and it's not for everyone who like "blockbuster" movies, but the people who get it, LOVE IT.

9. fear and loathing - a cult classic. my friend ed LOVES this movie. i went over his house one night during high school and he made me watch it. my first reaction... "ohmygod, is that johnny depp?!!! he's bald!!" and yes, he still looks GOOOD. this movie is a trip about people who are triping on a trip. it's hunter s. thompson's autobiographical novel of the same name come to life!! AND further proof that johnny depp is a terrific actor who can nail ANY role. depp REALLY does a terrific job playing thompson here. his actions, connotations, mannerisms... everything!!

10. norma rae - i always wanted to see this. then one night (REALLY LATE/EARLY IN RHE MORNING) senior year of college, it was on AMC... but i missed the very beginning. after seeing the rest, i HAD to buy it on for me, it's thee ultimate feel good movie. truely inspiring... makes you feel like one person CAN change the world!!!! sally field is a doll. there's a part of the scene before she stands on the table, when she's yelling back at her bosses, that almost always chokes me up.


Missy said...

i most def have to watch #s 2, 4, and 10!!! but mostly 4 and ten cuz you recomended them a couple of times :) and so far i watched 2 movies that you suggested and i fickin' loved them both! drowning mona rules! and the awesome.

jena ardell said...

and you should add "amores perros" to your list too!!!! that's also another REALLY good movie. :) i have it tho... so if you don't watch it before you come visit, i will make you watch it here. haha.