Tuesday, February 27, 2007


no, not the band... the crazy, jerky movements your eyes make while you're asleep. i am currently preoccupied, watching my boyfriend's eyes dart back and forth beneath his eyelids. he fell asleep on my lap. (i'm perched with my laptop teetering on the arm of the couch... my usual spot). now i kind of want to know what i look like while i'm asleep. i've been dreaming of cats lately. it always bothers me when i can't remember a dream i had. i used to go to this website a lot, it's an online dream dictionary. it used to be easier to navigate before glamour took over the site. i don't know how accurate the interpretations are, but sometimes it's fun to browse around, plus there's horoscopes there too.

yesterday i begrudgingly went to a job temp place because i need money to pay the rent. i talked to dave nagel (who i can't say enough good things about) and he said, "no, don't get an office job!! you're too good for that!!" (nothing against people with office jobs, but that's like a prision sentence to an aspiring photographer). so dave gave me a good photography website and he has source books that he wants to give me. he has been so nice and so helpful... i really appreciate all he does. he told which photographers to steer clear of and which to pursue. i hope he gets a ton of jobs next month so i can PA for him. dave is the man!! so glad i met him.

today i scanned A LOT of photos. i posted some photos on flickr that i took with me colorsplash flash camera. some were from new years!! i also scanned all of the polaroid i took of and around dave's house. i will be posting them in small doses tonight, tomorrow and thursday because i do not want to bombard my contacts. i cleaned out the closet in the spare room so my mom has a place to put her clothes when she comes to visit... which is SOON!!!!!! :D can't wait. she wants to go hiking, kayaking and whalewatching. we also have tickets for the late late show with craig ferguson and we are going to make meatloaf. those are the plans. i also thought of something really kewl (a surprise!!) that i know she'd want to do... but i don't know if it's possible yet... hmmmmm. i'm determined to make it work though. i need to make some phone calls.

rick and went to library and got some mooovies. i also checked some photography books out. i beat my mother and rick at scrabble today. during dinner, rick and i watched the dinner game (a french comedy) after i vetoed lost in la mancha (not enough johnny depp in the first five minutes of the film). and i talked my best friend tonight!! :) she's a working girl now. full-time. human resources. and she has the cute matchy-matchy business attire to prove it. : P hehehe. the only downside: she won't start "accruing" vacation time until she's been with the company for SIX MONTHS. which means... no andrea visits any time soon :( ugh.

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