Saturday, February 10, 2007

"Did it go 'POOF'??" ~johnny knoxville

i am sitting outside on my balcony typing this and i feel terribly guilty that i am outside... with no shoes... enjoying a moderately warm afternoon while my family and friends back home are FREEZING COLD. sorry about that. that's the one thing i DON'T miss about the east coast.

last night was preetty fun. my guy rick and i went to a little thai restaurant in malibu with his friend. i still don't know the name of the place but i've been there before. i'm convinced it's the kind of place that doesn't really have a name... and if it does, it's probably something generic. they sat us next to this sand pit/fire place. i was mesmerized watching the flames dance across the sand... but it reeked of propane and it was making me a bit lightheaded so we had to move to another table. the food was pretty good (i remember it being a bit better though), my onions could have been cooked a little more... or at all. now i have onion breath.

after we got back, we watched Jackass 2. man o man, every time i watch it (probably seen it 2.8 times now), i am in AWE of how INSANE johnny knoxville is... he REALLY makes bam margera look like a pussy in this movie. i think there's about three scenes where bam cries and two additional scenes where he whines like a little girl. it's understandable, considering the types of "stunts" these guys are pulling, but you never hear johnny knoxville whine while he's being bitten repeatedly by a large anaconda or after being shot with crowd control riot pellets at close range or while a bull is ramming him against a teeter-totter. the scene: toro totter. it's a last-man-standing-wins situation on two pairs of teeter-totters in a bull ring. ryan dunn nearly gets gored, bam runs off like a little pansy and pontius smashes into the fence while running for his life but knoxville still won't get off the teeter totter!! while A BULL rams him against the contraption he taunts, "i'm not out!!" "ha ha, i'm not o-out!!"

i remember seeing a clip of johnny knoxville before the movie came out and it was kind of sad. it was obvious he didn't want the film to end. he was walking around a neighborhood LOOKING for more to do so he could film more footage and he was doing all kinds of minor jackass-ish stuff like running into street signs... just because he wanted to keep filming!! that man is addicted to his own adreniline.

and i really can't go on a tangent about the movie without mentioning this: steve-o really has a heart. he is definitely the craziest of the bunch and sometimes i think of him as inhuman (the man chugs beer up his butt!!), but in jackass 2, you catch a glimpse of steve-o that you never saw before... a soft side. there are a lot of scenes where you can tell steve-o really looks out for wee-man. it's sort of cute. and i was REALLY surprised that HE, of all people, had to look away during the toro totter skit!! ALL of the jackass guys really go above and beyond in jackass 2. if you're in the mood for some mindless comedic relief and you're into that sort of thing, you should check it out... or watch it again.


Missy said...

aaaah, i tried to read this but you're giving away the details of the movie and i wanna see it lol :p

jena ardell said...

ooops... hehe. then go watch it!!!!! and tell me if you agree...