Wednesday, February 28, 2007

celebrity droppings.

i stayed up and wound up watching "the hills" and "bam's unholy union" (two of my guilty pleasures). it was kewl because in the most recent episode (episode five) of bam's unholy union, bam and his friend drive to new hope, pa and go into a medeival store (the medeival gallery) that i've been in before!!

in fact, my dad bought me a pewter ring from that display case (shown above). it's celtic and it has a dark circle dug out with a little three-leaf clover (raised) in the center. it was kewl to be able to recognize the area. i also... and i HATE to admit this... watched the video for avril lavigne's new single "girlfriend." (hey, it was right there on, i almost had no choice). i think she's trying to pass for ashlee simpson and it might work because nobody can really recognize ashlee simpson anyway, after all of her plastic surgery. so it seems avril has stolen her identity. she's blonde now (loooong extensions) but is still "bad ass" and "punk" AND has a new single named "girlfriend." hmmmm... sounds A LOT like ashlee, whose single was named "boyfriend." not at all an ashlee fan??? (my bf loathes her) than you will get a kick out of this petition.

and i'd hate to condone sites like the superficial but since i haven't had access to a national enquirer recently (i skim through them every time i go over my grandmother's house), i sometimes browse the celebrity "scandal" sites. usually i feel a bit envious over certain celebrities (especially when i find out how much they earn per movie!!) but part of me feels REALLY bad, like actually sorry for them. i guess it's good to realize that although celebrities seem larger than life sometimes, they are just "regular" people (who happen to be loaded). so it's kind of refreshing to see that with allll that money, kirsten dunst looks even pasty-er than myself or that lindsay lohan dresses like michael jackson. i suppose it's true that it's better to have a lifetime of anonymity, but for celebrities, this is true: the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. unfortunately for them, "lack of private life" is a prerequisite for stardom.

BONUS: here's even more celebrity gossip for you: supposidely gisele bundchen had to gain 14 pounds to weigh enough to be able to walk in the dolce & gabbana show in Milan next week. that's pretty sickning... but at least some countries are taking the incentive to enforce healthier weight requirements for models.

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