Friday, February 9, 2007

bienvenue/welcome... now go to sleep.

it's 3:30 am, technically friday, although my mind is still stuck on thursday. my guy thinks i go to bed too late... here's proof that he's right. he pointed out i never go to bed the same day i wake up. "how can someone stay up til 5 am on the internet?" he wants to know. i'll tell you how... i just got finished repo-ing my friend aldrins netflix queue. at the top of the list: "me, you and everyone we know" (never saw it); "what have i done to deserve this" (i ADORE almodovar); and "the departed" (amazing movie)!!

my to-do list for tomorrow looks something like this: drop off/sell clothes at buffalo exchange; take lots of pictures; brainstorm for valentine's day; post new fisheye shots; finally start reading dirty blonde: the diaries of courtney love. (books that have more photos than words... always a plus). and hopefully tomorrow night ricardo and i will watch "the crime of father amaro." you usually can't go wrong with a gael garcia bernal movie, unless of course it's "bad education." i ADORE almodovar films... but that one is just too hard to get into. i'll have to give it another try when i'm more in the mood to struggle through a movie, waiting for the great plot twist.

tip of the night: check out movies from the library because usually there's a good selection and usually it's free :) (except if you live in thousand oaks).

i need to go to bed now to prove that i don't always stay up til 5 am... a bientôt!!


Richard said...

Hi, found your blog via the Conejo Valley flickr group. I'm actually a librarian at the TO Library and one of the perks to being a staff person is free video rentals :)

btw, we're having an oscar contest and the first place prize is $50 in video rentals at the library. we're also having an event where we'll be showing some oscar-nominated short films from 2005. if you're interested, you can find details on my website,

Missy said...

hey, we should start our own littls 5am club lol. nothing wrong with staying up late! ok, well maybe just a little cuz some days im all zombiefied but...its like what is there to do in your sleep? :)

jena ardell said...

richard: thanks again for the comments and for viewing my photo stream. free video rentals is definitely a perk... i can't believe the TO library charges people to check out movies. granted they have a HUGE selection, but i never heard of a library acting as a video rental store. odd.

were your oscar predictions on par??? mine weren't... i didn't expect the departed to win as many oscars as it did. but i'm glad it won so many... it's a really good movie.

missy: i'm down for a 5am club. people spend waaay too much time sleeping their lives away. they're missing out on all the fun!!!! : P