Tuesday, February 20, 2007

week in review

appologies for being MIA this past week. here is what you missed... (complete with links for further exploration!!)

wednesday: (valentine's day) i made rick 20 heart-shaped carrot cake cupcakes. i went all ghetto-martha stewart on those puppies!! i couldn't find carrot cake cake mix, so i had to buy spice cake mix and add my own grated carrots. then i realized that i forgot to buy raisins... so i jacked some from the raisin bran box. (now rick will know why his raisin bran only has one scoop of raisins instead of two scoops, hehe). i topped them with cream cheese icing and they are delicious!! rick got me roses and a "get well" balloon (because he felt bad no one was buying it) and he made me dinner... pad thai and ginger chicken!! it didn't come out too bad considering we don't have a wok and it was his first try. he did accidentally dump waaay too much garlic in the ginger chicken though... but it was edible!!

thursday: rick, tim, aldrin and i drove (aka: sat in traffic) all the way to hollywood to go to the jimmy kimmel show. we had tickets to see incubus perform a mini-concert. we get there (a little late) all worried we weren't going to be let in only to discover that incubus cancelled :( because brandon boyd was sick. majorly disappointing. so we ate at CPK instead. since i signed up for tickets online, i wasn't notified of the cancellation and the date they rescheduled for (feb 25th) is now sold-out. which sucks. but thanks to tim and aldrin we had a fun ride home talking about portals and how it would feel to wake up in a field naked with hard nipples.

friday: we went to rick's parents' house and put together a computer armoire. standing back, admiring a big desk you assembled that was once merely a pile of wood and screws is rewarding. we also did some laundry there. we went to rick's sister's house to bring his neices some of the cupcakes i made rick for valentine's day. we talked to rick's mom for awhile and left around 10:30 pm (with a big bag or oranges from their backyeard, of course).

saturday: we were supposed to hang out with my friend tyler, but i never got a hold of him!! :( so rick and i went swimming instead. it was beautiful outside... 87 degrees!! the water was pretty cold, but it felt good to be swimming outside in february (considering all the snow i am missing back home). i scanned a bunch of polaroids. then rick took me to buffalo exchange so i could sell some clothes. out the entire BOX of clothes, only TWO items made the cut. (which is ridiculous because i was looking to sell the same type of clothing i saw in the store!!) i never knew a thrift store could be so picky!! of all things, one of the two items i "sold" was a yellow tee shirt that says, "Gay? Fine by me" that i got for free at college. it was either $5 cash or $8 toward store credit. so i took the store credit and bought myself a paul frank tee that is new with tags!! so i guess it wasn't a wasted trip afterall...

sunday: rick's parents saw our apartment for the first time!! then rick drove them to the airport. i met up with rebecca (miss rutabegabunny) for an afternoon of antiquing. we went to an antique mall in agoura hills, but we weren't able to find any "treasures" just a lot of shabby chic crap and soap with poppy seeds in them. but there is an antique store run by a little old lady that seems to have potential. the prices weren't too bad and the little old lady was nice AND the store didn't smell like soap. then we went exotic thai and ate soup. (the soups there are better than the entrees, trust me). after that we took these lovely double self-portrait shots in the bathroom (a signature rutabega tradition). and now there's a vintage poolside dress-up party in the mix. can't wait for that!! i'm so glad i met someone kewl who's into photography, polaroids, old movies, flickr and roadtrip adventures.

monday: went with rick to get new tires. when we got back to the apartment, there was a box in front of the door... it was a barrel of utz pretzel nuggets (my absolute favorite!!) with a note from my friend zac!! everyone who knows me knows i am a pretzel fanatic. it was quite a pleasant surprise, especially since i had just finished off my stash of pretzels. zac has always been such a thoughtful friend. i've known him since 11th grade and although we weren't able to hang out much while we were both in college, it's still always like old times when we get together. i really appreciate his friendship (and sense of humor).

for dinner, rick and i were planning on making some salmon... but it reaked. never freezing fish again... bad idea. so we had to run out and buy some chicken. we were about to help ourselves to some cornflake chicken (at 8:30) when we heard tapping on our window. my first thought: "oh shit, it's the neighbors..." but it was aldrin and jen!! so they watched us eat. luckily they had just gorged themselves at P.F. Changs because rick and i weren't about to share. we are very selfish with our cornflake chicken. and although i hate to admit it, i watched the hills and bam's unholy union on mtv.com (because we don't have cable).


Missy said...

wow, that was an excellent summary, jenz! i could visialize your week so well...sounds like you had a good one :) your life sounds so peacful and creative! arrrg, it makes me crave the jenz! (not like that, hehe but i just can't wait to hang out wit cha!)

jena ardell said...

i agree with the creative part, but peaceful?!! pfffffft... not always : P hehe. i'm not sure if i ever said this but... you should come visit!!!! : P hahaha.